There are no words that could describe the appreciation I have for Robyn and David but if I had to put it into words, I owe everything to them.

It is inspiring to ride with such talented trainers like them but what's more inspiring are the riders and horses they have continually produced. I've been fortunate enough to have ridden both Robyn's horses and David's horses and I've learned so much from them. I've gone from never evented in my life to a competitive preliminary rider in a few years. None of this would have been possible without the guidance through and through, thick and thin. And of course having amazing horses like Cornell and Sweet Pea has definitely accelerated my progress.

What I'd like to also say is that I am an adult amateur, who didn't have a lot of aspirations about my riding. I enjoy riding and I love learning and maybe I wanted some cool photos of me jumping over some cross country fences. I still do want fancy photos but the more I took lessons and trained with Robyn, I realized that it is possible for me to have goals and potentially achieve my dream, which felt so impossible before.

It may sound insane but they can make dreams come true and I've never had trainers that made me think anything is possible the way they have.
— Taeko Saito
May 2017

I began riding at Mill Creek Equestrian Center (MC) when I was 6 years old. I knew the moment that Robyn Fisher came to MC, I wanted to be able to ride just like her. I always admired the older girls who rode with her and owned their own horses. I would watch them do jumps that were taller than I was. Finally the day came when I was old enough to start training with her. I worked with Robyn for two years and she has taught me everything from learning how to ride well, the ins and outs of barn maintenance, ground skills with the horses, time management, safety, planning, and much more. She taught me how to be a confident equestrian and an independent person. I would not be who I am today if it wasn’t for Robyn Fisher. She is an amazing horseman, an incredible teacher, and a wonderful woman whose friendship I will cherish forever. — Kate Poulos
September 2011

Wiley and I started working with Robyn about five years ago. We had come off a fun run of eventing through Intermediate. The challenge was to keep my horse happy, sound and interested in his retirement and Robyn has been masterful at it! She has come up with a program that has kept him fit and jumping happily through conditioning and fine tuning his jump program. He has never jumped better or seemed more confident in his whole career. Oh, and did I mention he is 23? Thank you, Robyn, for working with us to create a really positive and successful post show career path. Thanks to you, Wiley and I have been able to keep our partnership going longer than I would ever have thought possible. I will never be able to thank you enough for taking such good care of my super special horse! — Heather Lanham
June, 2010

In November of 2005, Robyn sat on, and gave the thumbs up to, my first pony.  I was 12 years old.  We bought the horse and Robyn became my trainer and coach.   I don’t have the words to tell you how much she has taught me and helped my horses since then, so I’ll let the results speak …

In our first year with Robyn, Pot O’ Gold (my pony) was the Area VI Pony of the Year while I was 12 & under Novice champion; we were Top 3 for both Beginner Novice horse and Novice horse that year. 

When it was time to move up to a bigger horse, Robyn found Idle Bells for me.  Her eye for horses and incredible teaching set me up for another blessed run that included being Area VI Co-champions for Training Horse of the Year, then a move up to Prelimary and One Star to end 2008 with a 6th Place National Junior Preliminary ranking, 5th place finish at the NAJYRC 1* and a Top 5 finish at two different CIC* events.

I’m now on my third Robyn find – Raquel - a horse that is teaching me to ride on a whole ‘nother level, exactly what I need.  Against the odds, we went to NAJYRC in our first year together and are now a solid 1* team with two Top 5 CIC* finishes and are off to the NAJYRC’s for another year.

The biggest tribute I can give is to say that that not once did I ever go out feeling like I wasn’t ready.  Robyn ALWAYS made sure that my horse and I were fully prepared for what we were about to face.  Robyn’s coaching is pushing me to take more and more responsibility for the training of my horse, and again, I feel ready.  Thanks Robyn!

— Madison Reeb
June, 2010