Holsteiner Filly

By Smooth Operator out of Corlando mare

Born: 2013

Farfelu was only 3 months old when she first came into Robyn’s life. With no shortage of raw talent and an extreme eagerness to learn, Farfelu’s immense potential was apparent from a very young age. Watching this mare grow up and mature has been a great pleasure for Robyn but has required disciplined patience. Keen to develop her properly and not to push this incredibly talented mare too soon, Robyn made the decision to breed Farfelu in 2016. Farfelu foaled a beautiful Idocus colt “Most Wanted” in 2017. Now a five-year-old, Robyn is eager for Farfelu’s competition debut in the 2018 show season.  There is a bright future ahead for this superstar!


2019: 5th place in Open Training at Galway Downs International H.T. in October

2019: 9th place in Open Training at Woodside International H.T. in October

2018: 5th place in Open Novice at Galway Downs Spring H.T. in May

2018: 7th place in Open Novice at Fresno County Horse Park in April

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