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Bardsley Products was established in 2003 to provide and manufacture cruelty-free products that, above all else, actually work for horses in all levels of riding, showing and disciplines. Because they want horses to feel good when being bathed and believe that they deserve the absolute best, they have created products that not only smell good but feel good too!

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When looking for service, fit and comfort, look no further

"Every saddle should fit regardless of your discipline. At Custom Saddlery our wide range of styles are designed to accommodate the countless horse and rider combinations. Custom Saddlery. Because every saddle should fit."

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West Coast Contact:
Cary Wallace: 760.798.4363 or by email


CWD is a maker of fine saddles, bridles, boots and leather care products. "CWD is where tradition and innovation meet. The art of fine craftsmanship… "

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Dressage Sport Boots

Dressage Sport Boot: designed to provide excellent protection as well as comfort for the horse.


Equisk products are proudly designed in Australia by a professional rider and coach, for riders and coaches. We are passionate about creating tools for serious riders wanting to improve their riding, and for coaches wanting to help their students progress faster. And yes, we ship worldwide!

GGT Footing

Textiles and matting systems that are used worldwide in horse arena surfaces

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New and innovated equine products for better health, performance and care.

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As riders, we know any old panties won’t do. We need quality, durable athletic underwear that stays put while it also slims, sculpts, cools, wicks sweat, dries quickly, prevents chafing, and looks cute. Oh, and no panty lines under breeches and jeans, please.

Developed by an equestrian for equestrians, Eques Pante riding knickers are built to meet all our needs, in and out of the saddle. Crafted of EquesPant Blend, a proprietary, sustainably made performance textile, Eques Pante is proudly made in the USA using ethical, environmentally conscious practices.

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Equi-Clean wipes have anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties to help prevent fungus on the face, legs and body. With regular use, they can remove coat dander, create extra shine and condition the coat. They are gentle enough to use on the face and around the eyes.

Equi-Clean Horse grooming wipes are designed with an enhanced formula made with natural herbs – Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender and Thyme.

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Professional Quality Equine Supplements

At Grand Meadows has a passion that translates to everything they do. The central core of that passion is about providing high quality, cutting edge supplements that provide support in maintaining the health, performance and longevity of horses and pets.

In an industry that sometimes falls short in standards and ethics, Grand Meadows have made these issues the pillars of their approach to business. This is why they have gained the respect and trust of professional riders, trainers, veterinarians and animal owners around the globe.

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Haygain is a science driven company with the horse’s health as the primary focus.

We are committed to improving equine health through research and innovation in the respiratory and digestive health issues.

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HYGAIN is a leading equine feed and supplement company that is devoted to bringing their customer closer to their dream by blending years of experience, innovation, up-to-date research and enthusiasm to nurture the best qualities in horses.

As an equine only feed mill and manufacturing facility HYGAIN is dedicated to equines and their special requirements, resulting in outstanding nutritional solutions that really make a difference to your horse’s health, performance and well-being.

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Heritage Performance Riding Gloves produces high quality gloves for all riding disciplines. "A new generation of riding gloves."

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IceHorse® is a brand of quality cold therapy products made in the USA for horses and riders. Innovative IceHorse products, which feature FirstIce® cold packs with patented, state-of-the-art technology, have set the standard for equine cold therapy for nearly two decades.

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The ultimate treat for a happy, healthy horse.

Kelcie's is a family-run, owner operated business. Kelcie's promises to use only the freshest, locally-sourced products. Our horses are family and they only deserve the best. Which is Kelcie's will never add preservatives, artificial colors, or unhealthy ingredients.

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RevitaVet is an "industry leader of equine preventative maintenance and rehabilitation devices, our mission at RevitaVet™ is to educate competitors and horse owners of all disciplines on the benefits of infrared therapy. RevitaVet™ provides healthy maintenance and rehabilitation of your equine athletes, enhancing their peak performance condition, while preventing costly veterinary ailments before they arise."

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Providing riders with top horseriding equipment for an optimal ride. Riderzon: For Riders Who Want More

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MODERN RIDING DEMANDS INNOVATION: Samshield adds elegance and distinctiveness.

Samshield is the result of a mix between the young pro rider's needs, the young designer's creative energy, and engineer's technical vision.

Samshield's philosophy is to always propose advanced products in terms of active and passive security, comfort, hygiene, material and finish quality, as well as customization.

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Shires specialise in apparel and equipment especially suited for the discerning equestrian of all levels. From small beginnings, the company has grown to become one of the most popular brands in the equestrian world.

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Sport Innovations provide the world's leading therapy products for equine and canine.

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