Facility Prices:

Board: $1,100: in training with Robyn

Board: $1,250: Horses in training with Vivian Hall

Daily board: $50

Trailer in Fee: $35

Eurosizer: $300/month

Blanketing: $80/month

Full grooming: $350/month

Daily grooming: $25/day

Turn out (daily or nightly).

Stalls cleaned 2x daily 7 days a week.

Offers both timothy and alfalfa at no extra charge.


Training and Lesson Prices:

Full Training: $1200/month

Private 45-minute lesson: $100

Trainer Ride: $100

Lesson on Rented Horse: $150


Horse Show Services:

Contact Robyn for services and prices.



Dr. Kirstie Timm

Dr. Timm takes care of all of Robyn's horse’s veterinary needs. Dr. Timm runs the mobile practice: California Equine Sports Medicine

Phone/Fax: (805) 698-5258

Robbie Cozart

Robbie Cozart has been farrier to Robyn's horses for many years.

Robbie can be contacted at:
(818) 634-6262.